Keeping Fit At Home


Gym balls are an affordable piece of equipment you can use at home

Many of us are guilty of having a spare room in our home which is quite frankly, used for junk. Boxes full of books that will never be read again, paperwork which should have been burnt years ago, towering piles of unwanted Christmas presents…is this a good use of space? No. My husband and I have two spare rooms, neither of which is used as a bedroom. One of the rooms is, I must confess, still a junk room (although the ‘junk’ I refer to I would rather call ‘stock’ as it is awaiting a forthcoming car boot sale). However, we are in the process of turning the other room into a gym.

Gym memberships are the norm for a lot of people nowadays. Having other people around you when you work out can serve as a motivation and many people enjoy the social interaction of meeting others at the gym. I however, prefer to work out alone. Despite the fact we are all there for the same reason, I cannot help but feel a little bit self conscious and inhibited when I enter a gym. And I know I am not alone in feeling this way. Hence the beauty of having a work out area in your home. Our home gym was originally conceived as a small double bedroom. In it, we currently have an exercise bike, stepping machine, cross trainer, twist board and weight rack. Despite the room’s small proportions, all of the equipment fits comfortably and in the future we aim to add more to it.

Compact, inexpensive fitness equipment is easily available so having a gym in your own home needn’t be the preserve of the wealthy or those with a large home. Even if you prefer a public gym, the benefits of having a gym or fitness area in your home are certainly worth considering. Sometimes we just don’t have the time or inclination to visit the gym but if you have the equipment you need at home, there is no excuse to skip your workout.

Now, where are my weights…


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