Boots Essentials 3-Minute Clay Mask

Recently, I’ve been using the Boots Essentials 3-Minute Clay Mask on my face. Here’s what I think of it…

The 3-Minute Clay Mask available from Boots (current price £1.50) is suitable for all skin types and as well as clay, also contains cucumber extract. Clay masks for the face have been around since ancient times and a quick glance at the ingredients list for this mask shows that besides water, it’s other key ingredient is kaolin clay. Kaolin clay is known for it’s cleansing and detoxifying properties. It is found in a number of skincare products and is known to deeply cleanse the pores, enhance blood circulation and contains nutrients which are good for the skin. So far so good.

The other notable ingredient in this mask is cucumber extract. When we think of face masks, we often think of women lying back with slices of cucumber on their faces and over their eyes. There is a good reason for this. Cucumber is believed to reduce puffiness under the eyes and it soothes, cools and cleanses the skin. So with key ingredients like this, I had high hopes for this mask…

The product itself comes in a neat, 50ml tube and is small enough to be easily stored in a drawer or makeup bag. The packaging design is simple and is ‘cucumber coloured’ although the mask itself is more of a chalky white colour. To apply the mask, firstly you must cleanse your face whichever way you normally would. Make sure you wear a headband or tie your hair back to keep it away from your face. Then the mask can be massaged onto your skin avoiding the thinner, more delicate skin around your eyes. If you have ever tried your hand at working with clay, you will be familiar with the distinctive feel of it on your skin and this mask is no exception. But it spreads easily and has a pleasant, fresh scent of cucumber.

Once you have applied it, you only need to leave it on for three minutes to work before it can be removed. I left it on for slightly longer and waited until the clay had begun to ‘set’ and began to feel dry to the touch (approximately eight minutes). When the mask was on my face, there was a reassuring ‘tingling’ sensation. I like to think that it’s the product working it’s magic. Like any face mask, I would recommend applying it when your husband is not around. Mine exclaimed ‘what the hell?!’ and couldn’t stop laughing at me when he saw me with clay smeared all over my face. To remove the mask, the quickest way is to wipe away with damp cotton wool. You can use your hands to rinse it off too but it will take slightly longer (and is messier). I always like to splash my face with cold water after rinsing it off to help close pores (cold water acts as a natural toner for skin).

Afterwards, my skin felt really clean, smooth and refreshed. When your skin is still damp, I would recommend moisturising afterwards as it can leave your skin feeling a little bit dry but moisturising after cleansing should already be a habit for you. For normal skin, this mask can be applied once a week but if you have oily skin, you would probably benefit from using it twice a week. I have been using this mask combined with other skincare products for several weeks now and I haven’t had any adverse affects. My skin has felt clear, clean and smooth. We all have different skin that reacts in different ways to different products but I think that considering it’s low price, it is worth trying out.

Until next time, stay beautiful x


4 thoughts on “Boots Essentials 3-Minute Clay Mask

    • I only started using face masks about two years ago but now they are my weekly indulgence. I like to make my own with mashed up fruit! I will be posting some recipes for natural masks in the future 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment x

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