Pioneers Of Beauty – Barry Mero

Here is the latest post in my Pioneers Of Beauty series looking at people who have shaped the beauty industry as we know it. Today’s beauty pioneer, Barry Mero, is not exactly a household name. Chances are, you have probably never even heard of him. But you have probably heard of the London based cosmetics company that bears his name – Barry M. One of my favourite budget (and cruelty free) beauty brands, Barry M are famed for their multicoloured, sparkly and reasonably priced products. When I first came across Barry M products, I honestly thought that Barry Manilow had his own makeup line. But no, the Barry M behind the company isn’t Mr. Manilow, it’s Barry Mero. Barry began his career in beauty by selling cosmetics and hair products on a market stall near his home in east London. He had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and quickly spotted a gap in the beauty market – colourful, trend led makeup in keeping with the outrageous goth, punk and new romantic fashions of the 80’s. 


Barry M’s famous Dazzle Dust

And so in 1982, the Barry M brand was born. The first products in the Barry M range were the famous Nail Paints. Barry introduced cruelty free, quality nail polishes in bright, vivid colours that were like nothing else available at the time, all at very affordable prices. I absolutely love them and own way too many colours to count. Finely milled nail glitters, crackle effect and black nail polishes are just some of the innovative products that he has bought to the world of beauty. Far from being an obscure, cult brand, Barry M count Angelina Jolie, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham as fans. Barry M has evolved from a small, niche brand selling colourful nail polishes to a fully fledged cosmetics company offering a full range of makeup including lip glosses, eyeshadows and foundations. 

shopping (1)

Still a best seller… Black Nail Paint

A true innovator, Barry definitely deserves his place on my list as a Pioneer Of Beauty. 

Until next time, stay beautiful x 


Back To Basics…Aftercare Of Your Manicure And Pedicure

Every woman likes to look and feel her best. Beautifully manicured fingernails and pedicured toenails are essential for a really polished look. If you’re looking at your hands and feet now and feeling a little self conscious that they are not looking their best, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. If you are unable to do it yourself, visit one of the many professionals out there who offer this service. It’s only a little thing but I know I feel a lot more confident when I have nice nails, even if my hair is a mess and I have no make up on. So once you’ve prettied up your nails, how can you maintain the way they look for as long as possible? There are some simple things you can do which will help to care for your hands and feet. I’m sure many of you already know most of them but it can’t help to have a quick refresh and go back to basics…

Avoid damage – Bitten nails are never a good look. If you are a nail biter, invest in one of the many products available to help you break the habit. Avoid using your nails as ‘tools’ where possible, use the pads of your fingers instead. When filing your nails, file in one direction only and avoid using metal files. Filing back and forth generates heat which can make your nails brittle and weakened. If you buff your nails to reduce ridges, only do so for a few seconds and never more than once a week. When cutting your toenails, always cut straight across, never at an angle as this can cause an ingrown nail – I can tell you from experience, they are painful!


Fingernails painted with Rimmel Salon Pro polish in ‘New Romantic’ from the Kate Moss range. A pretty,  pinky nude shade which I wore on my wedding day

Diet – When you are ill, depleted of nutrients or run down, your hair and nails are often one of the first places where your body will show signs of damage. Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy, balanced diet with a good variety of vitamins and minerals.

Drying time – Pretty obvious but make sure you allow enough time for your nail colour to harden and set. If I need to speed up the time it takes for my nails to dry, I find dunking my hands in really cold water helps. It won’t dry your nails completely but it will help to set them a little bit quicker.

Hard skin – Have you ever stood on an escalator and at eye level in front of you, there is someone wearing flip-flops with rough looking, flakey heels? Don’t let that flakey footed person be you! Keep hard skin on your feet at bay by regularly using a pumice stone or foot file after a bath or shower. I use a ‘Ped Egg’ foot file and I find that works pretty well. Whatever you do, do not use a razor to shave dead skin off your feet – I actually knew someone who once did this! It ended badly.


‘Ped Egg’ foot file

Moisturise – It amazes me how many women take care of their face by moisturising and exfoliating regularly and yet completely ignore their hands. Even if you take great care of your face and neck, if you have wrinkled ‘old lady’ hands, it will be a real giveaway as to your true age as you get older. Look after your hands by using hand cream on a daily basis, especially after you have washed them as soap can have a drying affect on skin. Don’t forget to pay attention to nails and cuticles. There are special creams designed to moisturise cuticles but I find olive oil is a good alternative.

Nail length – Long nails look nice but keep your nails to a practical length according to your work and lifestyle. In my previous job, I frequently used my hands for some pretty rough work. Whenever I tried to grow my nails, I ended up snapping them. Painful and not very nice to look at! I try and grow my nails longer sometimes but I think the habit of having short nails is pretty well ingrained in me now.


Toenails painted with Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy polish in ‘Hot Hand’, a shade of bright pink. The photo makes it look slightly dull but it’s a lovely bright pink colour

Never pick at your polish – Whether you have had a DIY home manicure or a professional gel application, do not pick at your nail colour as it will damage the surface of the nail underneath. This is especially true for gel manicures. If you pick at or peel one of these, it can come off in one big, nail sized sheet. It might be fun but it’ll damage your nail and expose the horror that lies beneath (a scaly, rough looking nail!)

Painting your own nails – Use a base coat underneath your nail colour to prevent staining your nail when you come to remove the colour. If you do have old polish stains on your nails, you can use cotton wool dipped in lemon juice to remove them. When you have finished applying your polish, apply a good quality, clear top coat to help prevent chipping and for extra shine. When it is time to remove your polish, use an acetone free remover, it is less harsh on your nails.


A selection of my favourite nail colours – as you can see, I am a fan of Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy polishes. They offer a selection of nice colours, are inexpensive and if you use a clear top coat, they last quite well

Protect your hands – Washing up water, cleaning products and other nasties will all take their toll on your hands and nails. They may not be the most attractive garment but get those rubber gloves on!

This article has some really basic tips and advice. Some of you will know a lot of it already but hopefully there are some of you out there that have learnt a thing or two 🙂